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A Good Design is key to create an impressive visual impact and maximise the functionality of a building, improving how you live in and around your home

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We use Sustainable techniques when building to lower the impact to the environment & reduce disturbance around the local area of each build

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Project management and planning techniques are essential to stay organised and link all stages of a project from inception to completion

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Company Ethos

Tom Faulkner HD is built on three main values:

Trust – It is important to have 100% trust between us and you, the Client, to ensure a good business relationship and your peace of mind.

Reliability – As we strive to continue building a greater reputation for our services the key factor is consistency in time keeping, accuracy of estimated time scales and organisation of daily site activities.

Quality Assurance – If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right! We understand the work we do reflects on our workmanship and competence. Our Clients can rest assured all services provided are done to the agreed standard and with great care and attention to detail.